Sponsorship Benefits

The Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health (CEVR) invites you to become a Sponsor.

We actively seek the support of health plans, foundations, employers, product manufacturers, and other organizations.

Our data can help your organization:

  • Compare evidence of value for interventions in a disease or treatment area;
  • Understand the latest methods used to measure value; and
  • Understand the rationale and the most influential factors for Medicare coverage decisions

Contribution Levels


  • All of the gold level benefits
  • An invitation for up to six sponsor employees to attend CEVR's invitation-only Annual Data and Value Strategy Data Users' meeting
  • Free registration with unlimited connections (subject to availability) for CEVR Health Policy Webinar Series
  • Upon request, a half-day workshop at your place of business, given by Dr. Peter Neumann**


  • All of the Bronze level benefits.
  • An invitation for up to three sponsor employees to attend CEVRís invite-only Annual Data and Value Strategy Data Userís meeting
  • Free registration for up to five connections for CEVR Health Policy Webinar Series
  • Priority opportunities for customized data analyses***

(exclusive for small companies****)

  • An invitation for one employee to attend CEVR's invite-only Annual Data and Value Strategy Meeting
  • Full electronic access to data from the Tufts Medical Center CEA Registry and Medicare NCD Database, with accompanying user manuals
  • Ability to conduct advanced searches of the CEA Registry
  • Webinar presentations on using the Value Databases
  • Free registration for up to two connections for CEVR Health Policy Webinar Series
  • Automatic email alerts for updates on recently published cost-utility literature
  • Annual updates on CEVR's research activities, presentations, events and other initiatives.

Academic, Government, and Non-Profit Institutions
If you wish to receive access to our full database, there is a $5,000 fee to obtain the data for non-commercial use only.  The fee for data usage for commercial puposes by an academic, government, or non-profit institution is $10,000.

For more information please contact Julie Lannon at jlannon@tuftsmedicalcenter.org or at (617) 636-5705.

*: We offer volume discounts for Platinum multi-year subscriptions
**: Location of workshop to be within the continental U.S., with travel expenses covered by the sponsor.
***: Financial arrangements to be negotiated separately reflecting the specific nature of the project.
****: Please contact Julie Lannon to discuss eligibility requirements.

NCD Database

Sponsorship can also provide access to The Tufts Medical Center Medicare National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) Database.  This database describes decisions made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  It contains detailed information on 152 NCDs completed between 1999 and 2010.  CMS issues national coverage determinations (NCDs) annually for 10-15 technologies projected to have a major impact on the program.  We record information on over 30 attributes for each decision.  This data provides a historical perspective on the NCD process and allows for the identification of trends in different aspects of coverage for different types of technologies.  We have leveraged Information in the NCD Database by analyzing CMS decisions and identifying trends in CMS policies, review times, and evidentiary standards for a variety of technologies and procedures.  Findings from this database have achieved national recognition and can be found in recent articles.[1,2,3]

Recent work using this database has searched for evidence that CMS decisions are consistent with an implicit cost-effectiveness threshold.  This work has also attempted to identify other factors that may influence CMS coverage decisions.[3] Researchers at CEVR have used this data to produce models predictive of favorable coverage.  Through the continued evolution of the database, we are evaluating the differences in evidentiary requirements for various types of technologies, with a focus on medical devices and diagnostics.

[1] Neumann PJ, Divi N, Beinfeld MT et al. Medicare's national coverage decisions, 1999-2003: Quality of evidence and review times. Health Affairs 2005; 24:243-254.
[2] Neumann PJ, Kamae MS, Palmer JA. Medicare's national coverage decisions for technologies, 1999-2007. Health Aff (Millwood) 2008; 27(6):1620-1631.
[3] Chambers JD, Neumann PJ, Buxton MJ. Does Medicare Have an Implicit Cost-Effectiveness Threshold? Medical Decision Making 2010 Jul-Aug;30(4):E14-27. 

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